How do you keep your washer from getting a soured mildew smell?

There are a few things that you can do to help with the odor coming from your top load or front load washing machine. Washing with hot water more often will help break up the gunk that's causing the odor and drain it out. Also, on front loaders, it helps to leave the door and detergent dispenser open after use for at least a couple days. On top loaders, leave the lid open. This will help air out the machine! Most newer machines come with a clean washer cycle. In this cycle it fills with hot water and runs the agitation cycle at a high speed. This along with adding affresh washing machine cleaner will get rid of the odors.

Tip: Sometimes the drain pump on front load machines will have lint built up in the coin trap that will have a horrible smell. Having this cleaned out will help with getting rid of the odors

What is the difference between timed dry and automatic dry cycle?

Timed dry cycle will run exactly the amount of time that you select. Even if your items are dry in half the time you selected, your dryer will continue to run. With auto dry cycle, your dryer is checking the moisture level and advancing itself as needed.

Tip - We recommend always using the automatic drying cycle. You can cut the energy expense of your dryer use in half!

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